My room is The Reddest.

Plus, I had Google (the class) today. It is nuts. It’s held in the Google Pittsburgh office. It’s called “Internet Search Technologies.” They greeted us with “Welcome! Help yourself to a snack or something to drink.” And by “snack or something to drink” I mean big ol' cookies and a fully stocked cooler full of drinks from your common sodas up to and including brand namey newfangled iced teas. We spent the class talking about how to make algorithms work on huge multi-computer systems. At one point they said they had to have everyone tell them their citizenship, because we’ll be getting access to some Google machines, and there are issues with exporting or something if they don’t get it cleared up.

Funny, after that cookie and bottle of Propel, I found myself wanting to buy some AdWords or let them read my Gmail or something.

And I’m freaking out about the year starting. I’m not going to have time to do anything ever! Gaaarggh! So I’ll quit blogging now.

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