How can anyone expect me to sleep

when I can turn on the version of “Scenic World” that’s on Beirut’s “Lon Gisland” EP (the original is pretty good too) and it’s autumn, and it’s getting that delicious chilliness in the air, and life is so goddamn good and there’s nostalgia because it’s fall and there’s future nostalgia when you know you’ll look back on these halcyon days that you’re experiencing right now and there’s so much being AWAKE to be done!


Daniel -

I’m lurkin' yer blogs…
but I gotta say, this is one of the happiest blogs I’ve ever seen.

Dan -

Yes… sorry about that. I know sometime when I am down in the dumps I will find this all quite obnoxious. However, allowing potential future bad times to temper actual current good times is a recipe for a bunch of mediocre times, I think. I hope it’s not all too annoyingly saccharine.

Daniel -

no no no, being happy is just fine :)
It’s just not all that common on the internet in my experience.

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