Some things that make me excited:

Last Monday: that Of Montreal/Grand Buffet show. A few notes:
Grand Buffet creates the most enjoyable concerts I’ve ever seen.
Of Montreal creates some of the most enjoyable music I’ve ever heard. (how about that qualifier there? I think they’re maybe #4 on my favorite-bands list.)
Oberlin is neat, and not actually any less nerdy than CMU. I think. It is out in the middle of nowhere, though.
Getting out of town to clear your head a bit is nice.
And “Song Association” may be my new favorite car game. It works like this: someone sings a song. If that reminds you of a song, you start singing and they stop. Repeat.

Yesterday: while sleep deprivation makes you sad, it evidently magnifies the effects of caffeine. Whoa. I was on a cloud at about 9:30 PM.

Tomorrow: teaching a Concepts recitation about counting. Combinatorics. It’s the most fun math.

Starting this weekend: the Indians vs. the Red Sox in the ALCS. Woo!

Friday: Improv show with free cereal! I’m so stoked about the cereal. 8PM, UC Danforth, be there.

Saturday: Glow in the dark party. See you there (and by “there” I mean “my house”). Yeah!


Janet Jay -

I went to that concert in Knoxville! Two highlights– I bought a gold & black, one of a kind Grand Buffet bag which says “Grand Buffet Bag!” in what looks like the Heinz logo (can you tell I miss Pittsburgh?)

Also, the skinny guy from Grand Buffet told me to learn a trade that didn’t rely on computers, because “you never know when our society will have a need for non-electronic skills– things are a lot more tenuous than we all realize.” He said he’d been thinking a lot about this lately.

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