A Taoist would say desire is the root of all pain

If you don’t want things, you can’t be sad if you don’t get them. Therefore, no desires, no unhappiness. Fair enough.

I’d be a miserable Taoist right now, because I really really want to get a job at Google.

Let me tick off some great things about Google:
- They do everything better than everyone else (they just launched Google Translate!)
- They have the most data and the most interesting problems
- They treat their engineers like royalty; they give you everything you need to do your job
- um, well, free food… that is actually nutritious and appetizing.
- And did I mention the freakin' 20% time? This is so revolutionary and so smart. If you don’t know what I mean (and get a little shiver when you think about the possibility of working for a company that lets you do that), click on the link.
- EDIT: “Don’t be evil.” That may be the greatest thing about them. So far, they’re pretty much the least evil giant corporation that I can think of.

Let me continue by ticking off some great things about Seattle:
- Super cool neighborhoods
- Pike Place Market! (see #5 and #7)
- On the subject of food, the International District, featuring many Asian markets
- People (apparently) care about the environment and stuff
- Lots of young people, lots of nerds, thanks to all the tech companies
- The air smells good there! It is so lush!
- An hour or two from great skiing, and 4 hours from the best skiing anywhere.

Tomorrow I will know if my application is moving on! (I interviewed there on Friday) Wish me luck!

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