First post in weeks, and it's just a link?

Essentially, yes. In the meantime, I’ve been flying around and interviewing with (company’s name withheld for professionalism reasons), (company’s name withheld for professionalism reasons), and (company’s name withheld for professionalism reasons). It’s very exciting! I can tell you that I really liked (CNWFPR) and want to work there, I was sort of impressed by (CNWFPR) and would be okay with working there, and don’t really want to work at (CNWFPR). Come on, you can’t post that stuff on a blog. Talk to me to fill in the blanks!

I will say that I’m not sure how I like the Bay Area, and the big reason is distance. I mean, I love the Bay Area because San Francisco seems one of the top n coolest cities in the country, where n is a small number. I mean, here’s my unordered list of cool cities in the US, in my humble opinion, and by “humble opinion” I mean “random guessing”:
San Francisco
New York
Okay, maybe that is actually ordered. SF seems nice. I only saw it at night, which is not quite fair, but I will say two nice things about it anyway
- As you drive in, it’s like a scene out of the Matrix. Beautiful, exciting, and I wish I had had a camera. This picture doesn’t even do it justice.
- It’s the most colorful city! Even at night. I walked around the North Beach, Haight Ashbury, and the Mission for a while, and was just wowed by all the colors on signs and everywhere.
However, I wouldn’t be working in SF; I’d be working in (city name withheld as it might give away a company name) or (CNWAIMGAACN). Which means a long commute, even on the CalTrain (which sounds very good); it’d be a bike ride plus a long train ride. I think I could deal with it though. I’d rather live there than in (CNWAIMGAACN), despite (perk of living in CNWAIMGAACN withheld as it may give away company name).

Talk to me in a month or so, and I’ll have decided my future, and I’ll be all gushing about whatever job I’ve chosen, and THAT’S okay to put on a blog! But for now it’s all got to stay vague, I think.

Okay, so not just a link. Here’s the link I was going to post. I’d heard about this “Keepon” guy before: he’s a robot just recently invented by CMU folks, and he dances. What I didn’t know is how goddamn CUTE he is!

This sort of stuff makes me sing Louis Armstrong. Not just stuff that’s doing service to humanity, or stuff that’s bizarre, or stuff that’s cute, or stuff that’s genuinely impressive, but stuff that matters to fall in the intersection of all those categories. I’ve got some bizarre loop playing in my head of
“I see great comedians, and philosophical dogs,
smart hedgehogs and dancing yellow blobs
and I think to myself… what a wonderful world.”

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