We've solved the nutrition question!

It’s just one number!

This irks me, because I tend to think I know a thing or two about nutrition (literally, a thing or two, not a lot of things) and that attaching numbers like this is misleading and will cause people to make more bad judgments. Especially if they find these numbers by combining other numbers. I mean, if you look at numbers (and follow current nutritional fads), Kashi GoLean cereal should be all you need: a lot of grams of fiber and protein, very little fat, no cholesterol, low sodium, and pretty low in calories per cup. Okay, so it’s missing vitamins and minerals- so take a Centrum. Or a Flintstones vitamin. Whatever. There: by the numbers, you’re eating super-healthy!

Maybe my biggest gripe is that I’ll probably end up reading these numbers too, and I’ll be just as deluded as everyone else.


Anonymous -

AWESOME. I can comment on your blog with OpenID now! time to delete my blogger account.

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