Happy Solstice!

The days are now getting longer.

In the last few days, I’ve hit the relatives whirlwind. And enjoyed it! It’s nice meeting cousins who are grown-ups now. Check that- it’s nice meeting cousins now that I’m a grown-up (sort of). I mean, granted, I still didn’t get to talk to most of them beyond “where do you work now” but that’s still interesting. Especially when the list of cousins looks like this:
- living in NYC doing I don’t know what but making a lot of money, happily married with two bright, cute, and funny kids
- just got back from working to fight AIDS in Rwanda
- opened up a branch of his company which is owned by J.P. Morgan in London
- living in NYC doing marketing stuff for Liz Claiborne
- owning his own stock brokerage firm in San Diego, living the good life and partying on his boat
- getting a degree in computer animation or something
- working on a residency to become a radiologist
- quit his job and is full-time volunteering for the Obama campaign (PS vote for Obama, I’m sold. Or Ron Paul, but he’s slightly less good because he will get Jon Nardolilli kicked out of college, but he won’t actually because he won’t actually do anything because his ideas are too crazy but in a good way, but anyway, vote for Obama. I mean, he smiles really nice, and hey, if he’s good enough for Oprah…)
- finished law school, working in LA as a lawyer with her husband who’s into movie production
- finished a masters in electrical engineering, now taking a couple more classes and working for a startup

It’s enough to make one feel goddamn inadequate if he didn’t just accept a position at ***** This broadcast interrupted to bring you this message: Always drink your ovaltine *****

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