Top N, or Pour Me a Glass of that Delicious Kool-Aid, or How Are You Celebrating the New Year?

I’m sitting in a hotel lobby in The Villages, Florida. But you know what? It’s been great! We had a funeral for my grandpa, a reception at his house with lots of relatives and fun, and a golf cart parade to a country club for a toast. (note to Beej: that last bit might be the whitest thing possible. but skiing in Utah for a week is still close.) I met some new family, talked with their old friends, and had a much better time than I imagined my grandpa’s funeral could be. And that’s how he would have wanted it. So yeah. I think I might not stay up ‘til midnight this year, even, and I am sure not at any parties, and it’s my favorite New Years Eve on record. Chew on that, social butterflies.

PS. This is a mid-script post-script. I am going to work for Google! I have accepted the offer. Microsoft’s offer was tempting, but Google’s won out. They are both great companies, I’ve had great experiences with both, and I can recommend them both heavily. I’ll be living in Seattle (working at Google’s #2 office), working on I don’t know what, and, you know, enjoying free food and massages. If you’d like, bring it up sometime in conversation casually, and I can gush with excitement a little bit! I’ll try not to weasel it in the conversation if you haven’t brought it up.

Regarding the “top N” thing, I figured, well, I do like this year 2007 more than any other year that has ever been, and I do like people, and things, and I do like top N lists, and I do like using variables in everyday speech, so to ring out 2007 I shall combine them all.

I give to you the “Top N people, places, things, and events of 2007.” I also give to you the usual slew of disclaimers, like “there are a variable number of entities” and “they are not in order, but they are in some semblance of order, like sorta-cool to really-cool, and maybe each one is +/- five slots, so something could even be cooler than something else 10 slots after it.”

And also with a preface: this has been such a goddamn great year. I’m like that guy in Office Space except in reverse: every day is better than the day before, and I think I passed up my previous high-awesomeness-score day in about August, so now pretty much every day is the best day of my life. Thank you to all my friends and family. I love you all. Thank you for everything; I have no complaints whatsoever.

Bulleted list!


Anonymous -

Dear Dan Tasse:

You’re one of my favorite people and the fact that you’re working for Google is awesome and exciting. Also, thanks for introducing me to Keepon (I mean that both genuinely and sarcastically, because the need to own one will now be haunting me)!

Anonymous -

if you start posting on livejournal, you’re no longer allow to use the word blog.

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