A bit of self-reflection

Because what’s a blog for?

One trait that I have that is probably one of my greatest strengths and greatest flaws is the unflagging belief that yes, you can have it all. Given a choice between two contradictory options, I will choose them both. Sometimes I will get them both! That is great! Sometimes I will not. This has awkward consequences.

For example, last night, my German friends Daniel, Michael, and Rena were in town. Also, it was Sarah’s 21st birthday evening (ps. happy birthday, Sarah!). Plans got bandied about, with the conclusion that we all wanted to go to the Church Brew Works. Fine, except there were not enough cars, and we had just sat down to dinner at home. So I borrowed Aaron’s car, rather presumptuously (ps. thanks, Aaron!), and took two trips, so we arrived just as they were all finishing their meals. A little awkward. Whatever.

And then the Church Brew Works wouldn’t serve us beer because they couldn’t accept their German ID’s. D’oh! I guess this is a bad example of how you can’t have it all, and a good example of how ID requirements are stupid.

Anyway, I overbook, overcommit, and don’t really like to concede defeat or let anyone down, and sometimes I just can’t do something, and (as my mom is fond of saying) I drop a plate, resulting in me conceding defeat and maybe letting someone down. I don’t apologize for my certainty that everything is great all the time, but I should fine-tune it, and know when I’m justly confident and when I’m totally overcommitted, and stop overcommitting, because it really sucks when it all falls apart. If I’ve dropped your plate, I’m sorry!

ps. I’m all booked up (totally, all the time) until May 18.

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