January 3 is a great time to think about your next president, and winter is a great time to think about Summer.

I’d go with Obama. Edwards seems not to actually have a chance, and Barack will be less polarizing than Hillary. I mean, my dad’s even warming up to him (he’s reading his book). Plus he (at least claims that he) doesn’t take campaign money from special interest groups (or something) and that’s a nice change. The Plain Dealer had a page about the Republicans' stances on issues, and I’d say I’d still go with Ron Paul, but the rest are about the same, except Fred Thompson is particularly terrifying.

Whatever you do, vote for someone who cares about the environment! Because we can dick around with wars on terror and stupid stuff all day, but we can only put the environment on the back burner for so long.

But more enjoyably: Want to travel this summer? I do! If you’re looking for a travel companion for sometime this summer, let me know! Or if you have any recommendations for places I should visit, let me know that too. I’ve got to take this chance to travel a bit, and I’ve got some destinations in mind, but I’m always open to more input. Particularly places that I can do more than just be a tourist (that is, places I can help out, or places where I know someone).


Ram -

Japan’s a lot of fun.


PS How refreshing is it to be able to say “I want to vote for X because I like his or her book”?

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