Even more music

Stuff white people like

This is funny/scary/funny/scary/funny/scary. Like #72. Right on. Ha ha. And #64. Hmm, guess I do that too. And then I got to #62. Shit!

Goddammit now I had to read the whole goddamn thing, and who are you out there blogging my life?!

Whatever. Fuck you. I’m not sorry. I’m going to get a nice big old suburban house and I’ll drive my Prius to farmers markets and tea shoppes. I’ll travel to Thailand just to one-up you and I’ll come back with a story about how it totally changed my life and how I’m “spiritual” but not “religious” and buy a goddamn stand mixer! And drink microbrews while watching NOTHING on my NOT TV. Then I’ll have my midlife crisis and go to culinary school.

Tomorrow’s post: #76 Fantasies of becoming a chef.

Oh, sorry, I got distracted. I meant to also post this, because right on, I love “I Got a Man” by Positive K. Tally Hall fans, note #8.

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