I'm, uh, alive...

but more than half of my blood still resides in Ecuador, and I didn’t even wake up in a back alley missing a kidney! I’m talking about mosquitoes OW IT ITCHES OW OW OW.

But yeah. I’m back home safe. I will not post a full post now because that will take a while. I will say this: I tried to keep up with OMPW by watching August Rush on the plane. Unfortunately, it sucked a butt. I really tried to stick it out through some wonderfully corny lines and a black kid written by white people, but then this kid started wandering dazed through New York City and conducting a symphony because oh my god all the sounds of the city make the most beaUUUtiful music, and oh please.


Anonymous -

Dan! You’re alive!! :?0
Can’t wait to hear about your adventure!
<3 Cheryl

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