A few things, no theme, unlike my radio show

1. If you’re not aware, my radio show is on Mondays 2-4pm on WRCT 88.3fm (or at wrct.org). I call it “special topics in modern pop music” because I want to try to educate listeners a little bit about what I know about pop music and its various sub- or related genres. My former show was called “I will tell you the names of the songs that I play”. I’m big on the college radio station as music education, in addition to just fun music, because you can get out your ipod and play just fun music. (or Japanese noise rock, or whatever) But it’s up to us flesh-and-blood DJs on a real-life radio to try to expose you to the newest and best.

This week I played acousticky folky singer-songwriter stuff. (I didn’t like it. But other people might.) I played about 3 songs, then got on the air and said what I thought about them and who they were. (might have been Sufjan Stevens, Cat Power, or something) A guy called in and said he really appreciated how I told the listeners who was playing and made some kind of connection to the music, because most DJs just play music for an hour. I felt like my four years as a WRCT DJ were finally validated. It was really nice. Thanks, guy!

2. Speaking of music, Vampire Weekend is actually great. Sometimes I’ll be listening to instrumental electronic stuff or grandiose post-rocky soundscapes or whatever, and I’ll really just want something goddamn catchy and happy!

3. No longer speaking of music, this weekend was even better. Thank you, weekends!

4. Hate to end on a philosophical note, but I’m wondering (after going to Ecuador, although I was wondering before going to Ecuador too) what one person’s responsibility is in this world.

For example, here are some responsibilities:
- Don’t be a jerk. This is the most basic thing you can do: not make the world a WORSE place. Don’t kill, hurt, steal, cheat, etc. But if this is all you accomplish, it by no means makes you a good person at all.
- Love other people. That’s important.
- Work. Do what you’re good at, and do it well. I think this is a requirement; think of the world as a commune. If you don’t produce anything, you’re hurting the world, because you take up things.
- Be happy. I’m pretty sure this is a responsibility, as well as a right.
- Help others, in the “service” sense. I’m not so sure about this. St. Ignatius High School would say “definitely yes.” The world at large would say “meh, whatever.” I mean, should I spend one day a month building a house or something? Donate 10% of my income to charity? Does that really help the world? Should I do that for my own good? Or is this just somewhat-Christian-upbringing guilt speaking?

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