How to travel, how to travel, how to travel...

I guess what I want is experience. Here’s my internal debate:

If you’re going somewhere, should you do a lot of research, plan your trip out day by day, book your places beforehand? I guess so, right? If not, you’ll likely show up and find nowhere left to stay, and know nothing about the place. Still, there’s something unsatisfying about that answer, though. It seems so forced. Seems like you’ll end up in the same old tourist traps, while some other dude is just rummaging his way around and doing crazy cool things.

But what things? How? Odds are that dude will just get lost or spend some nights sleeping out in a field or something. Lame. Yeah, plan it all out. Just because you planned out where you’ll be each day doesn’t make the trip any less “real.”

But it does, it’s all fake fake fake fake. It’s so rich-white-person.

Shut up! This whole conversation is rich-white-person! The idea of traveling for fun is rich-white-person! Or at least . Really. Quit your existential mumblings and have a good trip. Whatever way that means. Jesus Christ, you can’t even take a vacation without having a mental meltdown.

Yeah, but there’s no prestige in a holiday spent kicking back and relaxing. If you’re going to travel, you have to travel right.

Wait, are we even arguing anymore? What’s the problem here?

I’m not sure. Thank you all for reading this post! I’m so tired, I don’t even know what I mean at all anymore! What the shit!


Anonymous -

hey dan tasse,

weird story: i’m at work, and i put on the web feed of wrct. and ted leo comes on which is awesome, and then i hear a familiar voice. anyways, googled you to drop you a message which brought up this blog. rock.

beth semler

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