I need to read articles like this more often

The Rebel Sell
Maybe it’s because I just drank some (Starbucks brand) coffee, but as I’m reading this article, I keep going “Yeah! Right on!” It’s long, but worth the read. It’s also 6 years old, I guess, but still rings pretty true to me.

There are evils in the world brought on by big corporations, and we’re in a world driven by consumption, sure. But buying a lot of things won’t stop it. Even if you’re buying underground music CD’s, clothes from REI, or Guatemalan handcrafts. It’s the same “keeping up with the Joneses” in a 2008 form.

And my holding this opinion makes me more counter-cultural, because I’m being so much more counter-cultural than you, I’m being counter-counter-cultural. Booyah.

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