My Ecuadorian Food Diary

Thought you might enjoy this. I mean, maybe not, whatever. In a sense, it’s sort of like a toothbrushing diary (4/8/08: used Colgate Total, spearmint flavor. 4/9/08: Colgate Total spearmint and floss. 4/10/08: Aquafresh!) but in another sense, it’s neat, because I ate a lot of cool fruits.

Food in Ecuador, and there was a lot of it, recounted with more details than you care about, but missing some foods that I would like to have remembered, and also missing guinea pigs, because we did not eat them

Saturday (3/8/08 if you’re counting)
Lunch/dinner in Quito:
Crispy roasted corn (some salty, some sweet; our guide said they called them “dogshit”)
empanadas with a pink spicy sauce
lomo fritado (pork)
hominy (I think)
potato (or maybe plantain) patties
salsa-type stuff
cooked fig in syrup with some bland cheese
red wine
naranjilla and tomate de arbol fruits and their juices
Snack on the way to Muisne: Chifles (plantain chips, in a bag, from a gas station)

Sunday 3/9
Pineapple (which was white, not yellow at all, and not super-sweet, but pretty good)
Rice, beans
Fried mahi mahi nuggets
Carrot/cucumber/lettuce salad
Fried plantains
Somewhere out on a trail: Guava (or something. Andres insisted it was different from guayaba, which we call guava. Some sleuthing only reveals that what we ate may be this? But it came in a long pod.)
Cauliflower and carrots salad
Some donutty things with chocolate sauce

Monday 3/10
Breakfast/walking through jungle:
Fresh coconuts and coconut water (which is really good)
Cherimoya (also awesome, tastes like yogurt)
Instant coffee (ignorant I thought that they grew and drank a lot of coffee in Ecuador. Not so! And the coffee they drink is all instant, or boiled down hardcore so you have to dilute it to drink it.)
Guanabana (aka Soursop, and totally different from Guava or Guayaba.)
Beef stew with peppers
Plantain pancakes with chocolate
Lettuce leaves
Dinner: I forgot

Tuesday 3/11: No idea! Sick all day!

Wednesday 3/12: Sick most of the day! Had some shrimp and a cassava thing for dinner.

Thursday 3/13:
Some kind of very salty omelet
Other pancakey thing
Lunch (at a lady’s house in Muisne):
Soup with beef, cassava, etc. in broth
Fish in coconut lime sauce (awesome)
Dinner: forgot

Friday 3/14:
Some kind of banana pancakes
Maracuya (passion fruit) juice
Lunch: Ceviche with shrimp, lime, tomato, hot peppers, some herb. Possibly the best thing I ate the whole trip.
Plantain chips
Dinner (on beach):
Fried fish
Rice, beans
Plantain patties
Sometime throughout the evening:
A few caipirinhas. (apparently popular in Ecuador as well as Brazil.)

Saturday 3/15: don’t really remember.

Sunday 3/16: a huge breakfast with no rice or bananas in sight.

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