Thank you for everything, etc. etc. etc.

So when I said last weekend was the best weekend ever, I was lying, because THIS weekend was the best weekend ever. Thanks to my old SnS friends who came in from out of town; thanks to Dan for coming in from Cleveland; thanks to CMU for giving us time off to have a carnival.

Thanks to the hundreds of you who cheered and laughed as NPP opened for Human Giant, and overpowering the drunk people who yelled mean things at us. Thanks to Gerrit and Will for being in the show; thanks to the rest of the Players for being flexible with everything. Thanks to Aaron for heroically feeding 50 people a Seder dinner without as much as a dishwasher or garbage disposal.

The list goes on and on, but right now I’m going to Waffle House with Gerrit, Will, Grubb, and Mike Yin. Thanks to you guys too!

Thanks to Ram for the sermon from afar. Thank you for everything; I have no complaints whatsoever. If you say something enough, it becomes true.

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