Thank you for everything, etc. etc.

This weekend has been fantastic.

Friday night we had our improv show with Irony City. It may have been the caffeine, but I think it couldn’t have gone over better. We were really darn funny for our set, and I kept feeling like I was walking this line of “oh my god this show is great don’t fuck up” and then I DIDN’T, and neither did anyone else, which is weird because that’s not a feeling you want to have while you’re improvising, you want to have the feeling of “it’s okay, I can do whatever”, but somehow it worked out. Then Irony City was really funny, as always. I really like their troupe, they all have strong points, especially Greg and Atom, who are geniuses. And our combo time was the best of both worlds.

Thank you if you came to our show. You made it the best. Improv is so much more fun when there are 45 people (literally) cheering you on. Good show all around.

Then we had our British party, and it was so fun too! Thanks Greg for inspiration and a meat pie, thanks to all of you who came just for being there. I can’t say what made it such a great atmosphere, but just every conversation I was in, I kept thinking “I care a lot about this person and I’m glad to be hanging out with him/her.”
Plus, drinking lots of Pimm’s and lemonade and Brandies Alexander is always a classy and fun thing to do.

Saturday night too, going to Mad Mex with Sarah, Beej, Daniel, and Hannah, because why not? It was great! Again, a small group of close friends is about the best thing one can ask for. And $5 good food never hurts.

Today I sat at the fence all day. Uneventful, but somewhat enjoyable nonetheless.

And somewhere in this weekend, I finished the 11-411 project, about question answering for wikipedia articles, and I got that little rush of excitement from finishing a program and I remembered that I LIKE what I do, and also that I’m not terrible at it. I’m the luckiest guy in the universe.

And then this is really kind of funny:
and there’s one for CMU, which is a little eerie because I know some of these people.


Adam Atkinson -


That’s a nice thing to say!

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