This blog is becoming more and more like a digg account every day

Or a digg page or whatever you call it, one of those pages where you just list links that you like. But here is a link that I like:
Michael Pollan explains it all
(warning: long article. You don’t have to read it all, just read what you want.)

If someone said to me “lay out your beliefs on food”, I would probably just link to this guy, because he says a lot of things that I agree with and he presents them in a well-formulated argument, which is something that I haven’t done since 12th grade English class. (We scientists lose our ability to write, you humanitarians lose your ability to do math. Not that that’s a good thing.)

Also he’s so damn reasonable, which is something I really value in an arguer. I’m glad he never strays into saying “meat is murder” or “you people buying your frozen dinners are wrong” or “McDonald’s is killing the environment” or whatever because that would alienate his opponents, and we won’t get anything done if we can’t have a reasonable conversation.

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