Vonnegut quotes, part 2985073

“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.”

A tricky little catch for hipsters, eh? If your character is all ironic, look out! While you’re running around in fields pretending to be a hippie, maybe you are becoming one. Or say you dress all slick and talk about businesses all the time, maybe you’re on your way to tooldom. Or if you talk about John Deere and hot dogs and the good ol' US of A… just sayin'.

There’s a good side of this, too: if you pretend to be something good, you will become it. Say you want to be a really cool guy. Act like you are one. If you really are, then you’re just being yourself; if not, you will become one soon enough. Or if you want to be an outdoorsman, or a scientist, or an artsy sort of person, or a DJ, or whatever. You can be whatever you want, and it’s really easy: just pretend to be it. That’s neat.

In other news, speaking of being a DJ, I just played my last WRCT show today. How sad! I like talking, and especially talking to potentially hundreds of people, and especially talking AND forcing my musical choices on potentially hundreds of people.

I tried to make a “best of CMU 2004-2008” playlist, but I don’t know how well it turned out. So I promised to make a “best bands that I’ve heard as my music collection grew to ten times its size over these four years”, a “top N” best songs/albums/whatever. I guess albums, I should go with albums. It’ll be up in some number of days, maybe a few days, that’s all I can promise right now. (life is so hard for us!)

(that’s sarcasm. life is easy.)


Anonymous -

Good advice, Dan :)
Hope you’re enjoying your last bit of school.
love, Cheryl

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