Bar: did they beat me to it?

Think bars
Click on “think5”. Try the “red berry” one. Read the ingredients list: vegetable powders, fruit concentrates, “soy lecithin” (still don’t know what that is), trendy stuff like spirulina and green tea extract, and some olive oil and salt and stuff. Seems good to me. What’s the catch? Maybe:
- all these powders. I assume they just dry the vegetables and then grind them up. If that’s all there is to it, seems fine with me.
- the fruit concentrates. Think about apple juice from concentrate, which really doesn’t have much of any nutritional value (that is to say, it doesn’t have much whole apple, just peeled apple mashed up and concentrated). Is that what’s going on here?
- the dreaded “natural flavors” (could be anything) at the bottom.

Still, it sounds like they are doing what I aimed to do with the Bar project (which I’ll keep working on). I’d buy it. I wouldn’t replace all my vegetables and fruit intake with it, but I’d eat it instead of some other bar. Most energy/protein/nutrition bars are either mostly grains, nutritional-sounding sugars (like “brown rice syrup” and “date extract”), or some weird “soy protein isolate” that tastes like hell and is probably not even healthy. So I’d go for a mostly-fruit-and-vegetables bar.

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