Email records, and the blog challenge.

Hey. First question: I have a bunch of old emails from my times at CMU. I’m transitioning to my Gmail address. I’d like to keep my email records around (they’re handy to check sometimes, like “what was that dude’s email address?” or “did I ever send that info to that guy?"). Ideally, I’d just forward them all to my Gmail account and archive them. But there are like 15000 of them. Does anyone have a solution for this problem?

Second: I aim to post one post per two days. This is to keep pace with Sarah. (You may know her. If you do, she links to her blog on her Facebook account. If you’re just a random dude or creepy internet person, then you wouldn’t know her, and that’s the point.) She wants to write more. Sort of like a guy who runs along with you while you’re training for a marathon, I will blog with her, to keep her to the pace of one post per two days also. Plus, I wouldn’t mind writing more.

Guidelines: I must post once every other day, starting tomorrow. A day is 12am to 11:59pm. It can’t just be “here’s a link, look at it”; there must be some substance or creativity to it. It doesn’t have to be anything deep or particularly good. I’m not the writer here, she is. And besides, she doesn’t have to write anything particularly deep either, she just wants to write something regularly, because apparently that’s important if you’re a writer.

(if you’d like to join in the blog challenge, maybe that would be fun! all my friends' blogs that I know about, I like, so I wouldn’t mind if you posted more.)

And I’m first, and it starts tomorrow. Whoo-ee!

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