Oh my god eat less meat.

Watch this video. I finally did. It’s 20 minutes. Or, if you’re at work, read this article.

A few key points:
- The US kills 10 billion animals per year. That’s 30 per person.
- If you eat good food, that doesn’t make you a vegetarian or a locavore or a hippie or whatever. You can pick labels for yourself if you want, or you can just be someone who eats good food.
- The government is not our ally in eating food that will make us and the planet healthy.
- Experts who know what they’re doing (I don’t know his sources, sorry) recommend 1/2 lb meat per week. We eat 1/2 lb meat per day.

I watch things like this and kind of want to become vegetarian. Or, here’s a nice compromise: a 90% vegetarian. If you eat 21 meals per week (call it 20 for roundness’s sake), what about being vegetarian for 18 of them? Then, for those awkward times when you’re out with your family or friends and there are no non-meat choices, or when you really crave a steak or a fish, go for it, twice a week.

And, I mean, stop eating junk food. But that’s up to you, and it has more of a local effect. If everyone ate Snickers all the time, we’d all get fat, whatever. But if we all eat meat all the time, we’ll destroy the world.


Brian -

Don’t you think that’s a little heavy-handed, Dan?

Naw, I’m just playin'. I totally agree. Not only with the sentiment, but with the venue.

After I talked to you, I went to Sharp Edge and got a burger. I don’t even really like burgers that much, so I don’t know why. I need to figure this out, but I like the idea of a 90% vegetarian. Maybe.

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