Careful with fish, too...

I’m going to have to start marking these food-related posts with “food”.

Cutting meat out of your diet is a big step towards being healthier and more sustainable. But fish is okay, right? All those health recommendations telling you that fish are good for you (have we mentioned omega-3’s?), as well as “conventional wisdom” from Christianity that fish isn’t meat and therefore can be eaten on Fridays during Lent, means why don’t we just gobble up more fish instead of all those burgers? Hell, make salmon patties! Crab cakes!

Anyway, what I’m saying is that eating some fish is pretty bad for the environment too. Not talking massive greenhouse gases or tons of food waste like we are with cows, but we are talking about habitat destruction and species extinction. Here’s a pretty good interview about it.

What to do? Rick Moonen (in the above interview) links to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch (which I’ve heard about before) where you can go to check your fish before you buy it to see if it’s safe and sustainable. Not at a computer? Use their little print-out card.

Sorry, I realize I got a little pedantic before. Am I being a jerk? Or am I posting so much that you’re just not paying attention anymore? You can totally call me out if I am.

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