I got mine!

My grandpa had this saying. We’d be having dinner and my grandma would be serving up spaghetti, and he’d get some, but then, dishing up the rest of the plates, she’d finds that there’s not enough for everyone. He would say “I got mine!” and grin. (Then he would share his food with us, obviously.)

I guess it’s nothing terribly new. But it’s ringing a bell with me, and here’s why:

The economy is in the doldrums (don’t say there’s nothing to do in the dol-drums, it’s just. not. true.) and houses are getting foreclosed all over the place. Gas is at $982478/gallon. Industries are shrinking all over, people are getting laid off in their 50’s. Social security is nonsense, people are living too long to afford it, but nobody has money to save for retirement. People are killing the environment with their big houses and cars and meat, but it’s hard to change.

In the midst of this, I’ve carved out a nice future for myself: a high-paying job with a top-notch software company. My innate preferences led me to the computer science industry, which happens to have gobs of money flowing out its ears. I can afford a place to live, save for retirement, AND take a few nice trips each year. Furthermore, my lifestyle preference brings me to a clean, safe, beautiful city, where I won’t own a car, and I won’t be a big drain on the environment. And I like vegetarian food.

What I’m saying is, at least in terms of money, job security, and not being a drain on the environment, “I got mine.” And I don’t got mine because I’ve scrimped and saved, I got mine because the things I like are not too dear (sorry, couldn’t resist). It’s like going to a restaurant and ordering a salad because you like it, while my friend orders a big ol' steak. Everyone says “oohh, you’re such a good eater”, and I say, well, I’m ordering what I like, just like my friend. Mine happens to be better in a lot of ways, but our motives were the same, so I’m not holier than thou. (but holy cow!)

What to do? Thank the world for (yet another) huge gift? I guess that’s the best I can do. It sure makes me think I better do something great with my life, though.

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