Here I go, jumping into the world of having a website. I feel like it’d be a useful thing to learn. And I’d like to build it from scratch, to learn all the concepts involved. I’ll host it from my own computer, as I don’t see it getting much traffic.

So far, I’ve installed Apache, and I can navigate to my own site and get a “hello world.”
To do:
- actually put something on the site
- figure out how to write code on the site (my test project: make something like the SnS Kudos Awards. Just something where you can nominate people for things, and then vote on them.) I guess you can use php for this? See, I don’t even know that.
- maybe learn some Javascript too. Maybe I’ll have to do that in the meantime, like in order to use php. Not sure.
- CSS? AJAX? Ruby on Rails? We’ll see…
- get a domain name, so you all can see my site too. How do I do that? Do I have to have a static IP address?

If I’m way off base somewhere, let me know. Otherwise, look for something online by me sometime relatively soon!

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