"No more monkeys jumping on my head"

to quote Ultimate Donny. Epic battle with the monkey mind last night, which I lost. I can’t even quiet all my competitive, rank-based, worrisome thoughts when I sit on a cushion and look at the wall, much less in my daily life. (and much less when I’m playing Settlers!) I just want to be happier, and there are particularly great people in my life who just want me to be happier too. I almost feel like I’ve gotten worse at this over the summer, which is not so good, and I can only hope that my meditation kick is actually helping and not actually leading me down a worrying spiral by making me think about my worrying too much. But things seem a little nicer in the morning, and I am still super-stoked about finding an apartment in Seattle.


Anonymous -

Ahhh…the intensity with which you meditate. Do you suppose the term “monkey mind” was created by a one-time meditator? Not so, grasshopper. Allow the “competitive, rank-based, worrisome thoughts” to be recognized without judgement. Then, let go. Maybe once, maybe a thousand times. Let them loose their power.

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