Panic! Don't panic!

So I was buying a plane ticket to San Francisco on August 24 so I can start training, and then one to Seattle on August 30 so I can start work. Even though I wasn’t paying for it, I still agonized about it for a while, trying to get the best times and the fewest stops and so on. Finally, I settled on two separate one-way tickets (why I couldn’t buy them together for the same price is a bit of a mystery). Bought the SFO-SEA leg from Alaskan Airlines, no problem. Tried to buy the CLE-SFO leg from US Airways, the website timed out. It said “Try again.” So I did. Bought the ticket, emailed it to my family, just so they know my plans.

My mom emails me back and says “Why is it for August 30?”

I AM THE DUMBEST. I am so dumb, CMU should revoke my diploma so I don’t dumb down their alumni reunions. Toast should be renamed “Dan Tasse” so the next time someone says that they’re dumber than toast, they would actually be saying they’re dumber than me. I am not the brightest bulb in the bunch, nay, I’m made of dark matter, actually absorbing light from the real bright bulbs. They’re actually making another sequel to “Dumb and Dumber”; it’s called “Dumb and Dan Tasse.” I’m not in it. I’m too dumb to act.

So I’m freaking out. Because I’m the dumbest. However, once I calm down, I realize that in my internet silliness, I have accidentally bought a “refundable” ticket. You know, those ones you never buy because they cost more. Apparently the flight I tried to get on was out of cheap non-refundable tickets, so I had bought a refundable ticket. So, one quick (okay, not quick, like 30 minutes of hold, but bear with me) phone call, and it was all fixed.

The one time I buy a refundable ticket is the one time I have to change my ticket! And how can those Buddhists say that the world is full of suffering? (I’m joking. Partially.)

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