Sponsorin' a kid?

Thinkin' bout sponsoring a kid via Children International. They seem good by the Better Business Bureau, Charity Navigator gives them 3 stars, 82% of the money goes to actually helping kids (11% fundraising, 7% other administration, which all seems pretty good if not exceptional), it’s non-religious, and the cool part is that your money goes to one kid.

And you could write back and forth a little bit and so on. I used to think that that was no big deal, but now along with my hopes of putting humanity back in everything, a human touch to charity giving sounds better to me than, say, throwing money at the American Cancer Society. I used to think it’d be demoralizing, too, like “oh I have to write a letter to this guy Dan because he’s giving me money,” but the more I think about it, the more it sounds like it’s not a bad idea. He’s thankful for my support, I’m thankful for the opportunity to give him my support. I’m not paying him to write me a letter, or wanting him to write me so I feel good about myself, or whatever; I’d actually like to hear from a kid in Colombia or Nicaragua or India or whatever, and make a friend somewhere else. And as someone who has, I don’t mind giving to someone who has not. I’m not quite articulating this right, but I have a good feeling about the idea.

Beefs: Everyone’s mad at the CEO’s salary. Whatever. It’s 0.27% of expenses; it’s not making a huge difference either way. The bigger beef is canvassers. Yeah, I’m no fan of canvassers. And yet, here I am, about to sign up for a thing after a canvasser tracked me down in Union Square in New York City and gave me the hard sell. The hard sell! I hate the hard sell! With the emotional appeal and everything! I mean, he was a very nice guy, but still, do not attempt to play on my emotions! I am a goddamn robot, I see right through it, and I get pissed.

It’s $22/month, or as they like to say, “just 70 cents a day!”, but that’s still $264/year. I can handle that. Anything else I should be checking out before I sign up for this? Or are there any other charities that you, dear reader, particularly believe in, that I should be checking out too?

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