Super I-am-living-in-Seattle

Found an apartment! It was quite easy! It took one day. Jared and I looked at 9 places. It turns out that he cared more about space (in the apt.) than location, and I cared more about location than space. We might find ourselves at odds about this! Or even at loggerheads. However, luckily, we instead found ourselves in Capitol Hill, in a place that was quite big and in a great location. The drawback? It’s a bit pricier. To quote Gramp, “Money doesn’t solve everything. But it does make life a lot easier.”

Anyway, this does mean I have a sweet sweet flat. It’s so sweet. I’m so that rich young guy. My place just screams “I am so cool” in that way that I hate sleek places to scream at me. It screams “the life that you see in movies is actually possible, and you have it.” It’s the iPhone of apartments: no particular character, and it’s expensive, but it is pretty, and it’s got everything you need.

But you never spend less money, and you never take up less space. Trying not to get spoiled, trying not to get spoiled, etc. I think I can do it. And after all, why worry about getting spoiled? Why not wait until you are spoiled, and it’s a problem, before you worry? Says Zen Dan. (Western Dan is super excited about everything.)

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