Okay, first of all, Bill Nye is great.

UNRELATEDLY, here’s something that’s particularly chafed my willy the past few days, weeks, whatever: doublespeak. I think I’m misusing the 1984 concept a little bit, because they were all about just saying lies, like calling the war department the Ministry of Peace. What I mean is a little less blatant, and actually happens all the time. Let me explain:

Regardless of what you believe, or what’s true, you can spin things two ways. Let’s take drilling for oil in Alaska. I have a clear stance on this! (it’s bad!) And if I were at a cocktail party with my more leftist friends, I could be all like “Yeah, drilling is a bad idea. It won’t even help the economy, and it’ll totally mess up the beautiful Alaska wilderness.”
But if I were at a cocktail party with, say, my dad and grandpa, I could say “You’re right, we need to help the economy! It’s the worst it’s been in years! And reduce our dependence on foreign oil! Therefore we need to drill for our own oil!”

If I didn’t know you, I could spout truisms either way to make you think I believed anything, on any issue. Even on less important issues, like a new restaurant.

And I find myself playing both sides of the same issue. Like I test the waters one way, then turn around and argue the other side, or the first side, or whatever YOU think.
Me: Yeah, I went to that restaurant, the food was pretty good. (test the waters)
You: I didn’t like it. (shit! retreat!)
Me: Right, yeah, it wasn’t great, and the atmosphere isn’t great either. (test the other waters)
You: Yeah. (oh! you agree!)
Me: It was overpriced, too. And hell, why go there when there are so many other awesome restaurants around? (pile it on! I super agree with you now! We are friends! File this in my brain: you do not like this restaurant!)

This is kind of frustrating. I feel like I’m losing my individuality. Am I just some dude who agrees with everyone on everything? But that’s kinda a whiny little complaint, and it’s a quirk of my personality, and it’s not important. What’s more important (and frustrating) is POLITICS, in which they do this all the time.

A recent example…
McCain: The economy is strong! (let’s test these waters)
Everyone: AAAAAGH Lehman Brothers AIG Merrill Lynch! (shit! retreat!)
McCain: I mean, the American workers are strong! (a truism. I can agree with that!)

But let’s not get all liberal smug. I mean,
Obama: I’m going to pull out of Iraq. (people will like this, right?)
Half the country: Don’t do that! (shit!)
Obama: I mean, I’ll refine my Iraq plan, and do the right thing. (yes! doing the right thing is good!)

Everyone does this about everything! There is no truth, or even consistency! (welcome to American politics, right?)

SO. Next person who criticizes my man Barack for “flip-flopping” gets punched. Every politician does this all the time. And even if they didn’t, I’d rather have a president who can change his mind sometimes.

Unrelated quick rants:
How can Bush’s approval ratings be at like 30% or whatever, and almost half the country is still willing to elect Bush #3?!
How can anyone not believe in evolution?!
Why is the whole Catholics-voting-based-only-on-abortion still happening? Even if fetuses were babies and we’re killing lots of babies, I mean, we’re killing lots of Iraqis, who sure are people; and hell, farm subsidies for corn are slowly killing lots of Americans through obesity (segue to another rant, but one is probably enough for tonight)

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