Eat less meat ++, and cut down fewer cotton trees

Dr. Rajendra Pachauri from the UN says so!

Not trying to browbeat you into it. Just saying, if you’re thinking “I wish I could help the environment, but I don’t know how,” vegetarianism is a lot easier than giving up your car (depending on where you live). And semi-vegetarianism is easier still!

Says a 90% vegetarian for 2 1/2 months running. (some weeks I have gone over, but some weeks I’ve gone under, and I think it works out to under 10% of my meals that have meat in them. And this is strict meat-counting: a little bit of chicken broth or gelatin counts. +1 hardcore points.)

Also, if you want to do something else, try bamboo sheets.
- informal googling around makes me think that they’re a lot more environmentally friendly, although I have no proof, besides the rhetorical argument of “it’s bamboo! bamboo grows super fast! and non-organic cotton is full of pesticides and awful chemicals.”
- they feel very nice
- they’re more expensive
- but not much! Check out these cheap bamboo-blend sheets at Target. I paid a bit more at Bed Bath and Beyond (I was kind of exasperated and I wanted to get the hell out of there as quickly as possible, and hopefully while killing as few environments as possible.) but ended up with 100% bamboo sheets. Hoo-ray.

Side note: Bed Bath and Beyond is absurd. They have so many varieties of everything. I wanted a comforter. I found duvets, throws, bed-covers, blankets, rugs, dust ruffles, mattress pads, beds-in-a-bag, and not comforters. Also, I wanted bright lime green sheets. No luck there either (especially not in bamboo!)

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