Good day to you from a Monday in which I'm doing better than last Monday.

Whew. Let’s just put that little episode behind us. (although, semi-relatedly, I do have a thing to say about swear words, but that’ll take some more time to formulate.)

Quick thought, and yes it’s about a thing I put into my body, just like every single other post I ever post. Today it’s coffee. I’ve noticed a pattern where, for a day sitting at my desk, a cup of coffee is like turning the key in the ignition: I’m sleepy before it, and I’m rocking all day after it. If I go halfway, like some tea, or a half-decaf cup of coffee, it doesn’t help, but once I hit that threshold, boom, off to the races.

This isn’t ideal; I don’t like the idea of any chemical dependencies. But if we’re just talking one cup of coffee a day, can I rationalize myself into it? I think so. It’s a pretty natural, and mostly harmless, dependency. Plus, it helps me concentrate and work better. And I enjoy it.

(I guess that makes me more a white person. But hey, I like Trader Joe’s and riding my bike, too.)

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