Here's hoping you don't become a robot/

EDIT: please read this and this.

clang clang clang whoops, too late

God! Today was a fog! I am posting this right now to give some concrete proof that today even happened! What a crapper!

I slept through work, like all day, just zonk, and I was mentally unconscious even if physically responsive. My total output for the day was half a test and a one-line bug fix. I talked to humans for like five minutes at lunch. I drank five cups of tea (it was good tea, but I didn’t even taste it) and ate some crappy pistachio snacks. I think I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t just eat out of boredom anymore, now I go to the bathroom out of boredom too. Honestly- it was like hourly. I was amazed that I had any liquid left in me, but what the hell, go to the bathroom again. There was a fire drill! I almost provoked a chuckle with a lame joke about how our team is going to win the fire drill; that was the humor high point of the day.

And now I’m home, and forgetting about work. Hargfh! I’ve got to start working 9-5. Screw the dinner- it’s fantastic, but getting home at 7:30 is too late. Blahness is the worst calamity at all, but it’s not even, it’s just the most blah.

But the occasional boring day is not a big deal. I’m just a little worried that I’m not at all cut out for software engineering, and I’ll just put up with it for a while (because all the perks are great) and then I’ll wake up all of a sudden and be 30. I made a pretty awkward comment about that yesterday, in the company of four 30-year-olds.

Uhhhhhhhhhhh I gotta get off the computer. Uuurgghh.

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