I sure like lists!

I was gonna freak out about politics, and I may still do so, but that would take some time, so instead I’ll treat you to this:

The Omnivore’s Hundred.

How nice to see one person shout this out to the world and everyone say “yeah, that’s a pretty good list” instead of “but you haven’t LIVED until you’ve tried ____”. It’s a great list! No, it’s not The Best List Of Food For All Time For Everyone, but it’s pretty good.

I do think it’d be fun to make my own list, just for my own personal benefit, though. But as I’m only 22, and therefore 22% of my way through life (I’m going to be at least 100, I’ve decided), so I think I’d only get to make “The Omnivore’s Twenty-two.”

In other news, the new Of Montreal CD (it’s out in a month, I heard it at a laser show) is an unrestrained nuts-o psychedelic party; Balkan Beat Box is also a party; my boss likes Balkan Beat Box too, and that’s neat; I have all this furniture and I’m so proud (oh yeah, post about that coming up too); I hate politics; I like blues dancing.

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