I got a ticket! Thanks to a friendly stranger named Gabe, who is going to spend the next year traveling the world (and particularly the Asian parts of the world). That is neat.

My coworker has a dog! He’s cute! (the dog, not my coworker) That is also neat.

I’m in the depths of new-project incompetence, where changing one line of code is very difficult because there are a lot of other steps along the way. This is normal. I knew it would happen, and it is. So it goes.

Oh yeah, and I’m in a new city where I don’t know anyone and I don’t have anything to do. I kinda saw this coming too. Again, that’s life!

But to complain about anything at all in my life would be goddamn ungrateful. I know the future will be really good. I am hopefully slowly becoming aware that the present is just as good. Alles goed.

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