Again, not my style. But my mom and my dad are now both pretty concerned about what I wrote about my job the other day, and if they’re both thinking the same thing about something, maybe it’s true.

And I guess if you read this post in isolation you might get way the wrong idea. I would hate for anyone, particularly at Google, to think certain things about me based on one bad day.

For the record:
- Google is by far the best company I’ve ever worked for. Okay, I haven’t worked for many, but they’re really great.
- I am lucky to be working there.
- Starting a new job is hard. Moving across the country is hard. Sometimes I get stressed. Sometimes I blog about what’s bugging me.
- That post was written on a bad day. Maybe it’s a little angrier than it should be. I’m sorry.

Most importantly, if you have a problem with something I’ve written, or you think I have an attitude issue, for crying out loud please talk to me. Please. Odds are it’s just a misunderstanding based on the fact that the INTERNET is bad at carrying emotions. (it’s great at denoting sarcasm though.)

And I’d like to ask you, blog readers, do you think I say too much on this blog? Is it a little too prickly? Unprofessional? I go pretty much without review here, so it’s possible I’m being a jerk. And was that post in particular a little whiny?


yincrash -

Think of the New York Times rule.

If you wouldn’t want to read it in the New York Times, don’t post it publicly.

Days like that certainly happens. I’d just say it’s part of adjusting.

Julie -

I didn’t interpret your post as anything negative about your job or Google. But:

  1. I’m going through the pretty much same stuff you are, so I may interpret differently than other readers.
  2. I know you, so I may interpret differently than other readers.

But generally, I really really really enjoy your blog, and I don’t think you need to be too worried about anything you’ve said so far. :)

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