Google Analytics is great

and not just because I work on it. Thanks to GA, I’ve been able to find that people have searched for the following things and landed on this humble blog. If any of these are you, thanks for making my day a little brighter, thanks for stumbling on the Snail Shell, and you’re awesome at searching.
super disclaimer: nothing is personally identifiable. nothing. all I know is “someone searched for these things.” I work at Google, and I probably couldn’t figure out who you are, and if I tried, I would probably get fired. We are so all-about privacy, it is not even funny.

“Hyland Software” salary – i probably shouldn’t post this, but if this was you, let me know and i can tell you
“Oedipus Rex and the Motherfuckers” -- twice!
“Where the hell is Matt” “spoiled kid” dancing – yep, that’s pretty much my entire life
lucid dreamer summit county colorado – … and that’s my ideal life.
Boyles bar slane – who are you? were you there? that’s awesome!
dress code at Hyland Software -- t-shirts and shorts. it’s a software company.
in der yablons – remember WASP?
Oedipus and the Motherfuckers – close, but no cigar
Buses in Donegal – hey, they’re pretty weak, you should maybe rent a car.
rambutan circus jarred snail – four unrelated things. what could this query be about?
“wenis mcgee” – not quite a googlewhack… this guy also used those two words. i hope this was adam, though, bored late one night.
snail shell poetry – good luck!
snail shell (for cars) – it’s not so useful.
is there another name for a snail shell? – err, maybe?
snail shell nutrients – Oh god, no! Stop! It’s crunchy and it doesn’t digest so well-
what is a snail shells door – they, uh, don’t have one, they just live in-
why snail shell is living things – well, it’s sort of like your bones, they’re not living, but they’re part of this living thing…
why snail have there shell so hard – I have no more answers.

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