In the real world, you don't have to take work home with you

… so I don’t. But I take my mental state with me. Wow! On a good day, I can go run a hundred miles after work! On a bad day, I can barely slink back to bed and curl up with a mug of tea. (or “Macafe”, this bizarre root product I found at the Madison Market, which sure doesn’t taste like coffee. it’s not a bad taste, but it isn’t coffee.) The Peter Bjorn and John album has helped my bike rides significantly.

It seems better for mental health to drop everything at work. Come on, zen zen zen. Oh also, I’ve been meditating daily (almost… probably 6 days/week) for … 2 1/2 months? No real progress there, but patience patience patience, right? Fellow meditators: do you find that you sit down and time flies by without you actually focusing on your breath at all? I don’t mean I get distracted from it, I mean I never get there in the first place.

If you know how to cook Indian food, I’m always open to tips, recipes, ideas. That’s my new culinary venture. That, and a cooking contest with Julie.

At any rate, welcome to Relocation, Month 1.25. It only gets easier from here. (and in 2 weeks and 2 days I get to go back to Pittsburgh! not to say that everything is bad here; it’s just difficult. a couple months from now, i’ll be cruising along in this brave new world. for example: there is an awesome coffeeshop on every corner. i can count five places within four blocks that i can get killer coffee with atmosphere. how neat is that! if starbucks tried to start up in seattle today, it wouldn’t have a chance.)

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