It's called "mudslinging"

and it’s awful. Chill out, McCain and Obama! And here the blame falls maybe 50/50. I’d say it’s 60% on Obama, because of his big push once upon a time to unite people, not divide them. But then, yeah, there’s this “Obama is friends with terrorists” nonsense from Palin. What?! Haven’t we moved past this? What’s next, “Obama hates white people”? “Obama burns flags and also babies”? Come on, McCain campaign, as long as it’s a knock-down drag-out war, why don’t you come out and say it: “Obama is a Muslim. And all Muslims are terrorists.”

But I guess the answer to my earlier rhetorical is no, we haven’t moved past this. *sigh* And I guess I’m not helping here, by calling out McCain on his negative ads. This post is as partisan as any.

We need Jesus to run for president. Turn the other cheek n’at. Plus, he’d sure get the evangelical vote. At least, I hope.

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