O Internet, you fail me!

For once, I know what I want. A duvet cover. Queen size. Solid lime green like #00FF00 none of this fake lime stuff if I saw a lime like this I would throw it away. Either organic cotton or cheap as hell, because it does not touch me. My luxurious bamboo sheets caress me so gently the duvet cover could be made of porcupines. This is entirely decorative.

Do not also sell me a duvet; I already bought this bag o' synthetic fill from a couple of honest but incorrect garage salers. They told me it was down I only found out later it was not down it was more like synthetic like from a polyester not a duck. NO SHAMS what is a sham I DONT WANT ONE. No sheets, or three-piece sets (of which two are undoubtedly shams), my sheets experience is complete but for a duvet cover.

O Bountiful Internet, get me a lime green like duvet cover now or I may be forced to do something tragic.


Anonymous -

what about this: http://www.familybedding.com/shop.php?selectFabric=true&fabricCategoryID=44&fabricID=164&groupID=17&showProducts=true&customName=Duvet+Covers+with+Lime+Green+Satin+fabric+and+Ivory+accent
it has ivory on the other side but it’s pretty close. but you’re right- that’s harder to find than i’d suspect.

or you could go this route: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Baby-gear/Blankets-covers/Duvets/photos/a-177124934/p-75842052.htm

Dan -

Yeah, that first one would work. But then, it’s $137, which is probably more than all my furniture combined. Maybe I’ll get a couple of cheap sheets, a can of spray paint, and a needle and thread. Geez.

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