Old fudd hears new pop, enjoys it; also, Boogieman

as I do every now and then. (see, as most pop is aimed at like 15-year-olds, I am way old for this demographic. And I’m still at the age where I will be proud whenever I can call myself old. (Actually, I hope I’m like that my whole life.)) Apparently “American Boy” by Estelle featuring Kanye West is already a super-mega-platinum hit, but I just heard it for the first time. Good song! Maybe it’s just the chorus. What can I say, a catchy hook, huh?

Other news: super sandwich eaten before they could measure it. Jajaja.

And go Devil Rays!

Okay, and Boogieman: the Lee Atwater Story. (warning: link starts a video which makes noise) The story of the guy who wrote the Republican playbook of mudslinging campaigns and underhanded Machiavellian tricks. This guy is terrifying! He’s so ruthless! And all his tactics are still in use today: if you say “Obama pals around with terrorists” a lot, even if it’s not true, people will associate “Obama” with “terrorist”, and that’s what McCain and co. are trying to do. Argh!

See this movie, it’s pretty worth it. And think twice whenever you say you think so-and-so is a bad dude because you might have heard it from somewhere.

But instead of just going “Republicans are so evil!” which is what this movie will make you believe, I’d like to hear the other side. Is there a Democrat Lee Atwater? Is it more of a committee or something? Is it just that Democrats are more reluctant to fight dirty, and sometimes lose because of it? Or is it just that Republicans are slimier? If the last is true, then geez, vote Democrat all day long, because even if you agree with the Republican goals, the ends don’t justify the means in this case.

And one more footnote: Lee Atwater is an interesting guy, or at least the movie makes him out to be. Even though his actions were pretty dirty, they don’t portray him as this great Satan. Instead, he’s just an insecure kid who got a chance to play with the big boys, and ultimately becomes this tragic anti-hero. And whoa, he reminds me of Sam McUmber. I think it’s the hair.

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