How does one get into electronic music? I’ve happened upon it a couple times, like Decibelfest, and the Seacompression event last weekend, and it’s always been a lot of fun. I would like to dance to that sort of music more often. I would like to learn how to make that music. I would not like to go to a sweaty club full of bros wearing shiny shirts and girls wearing not enough clothes. I also would not like to wave glow sticks around.

I have absolutely no inroads. I don’t know anyone who might even know anyone who likes electronic music. (at least, not that I know of…) I imagine if I just show up at a club, I’d dance around for a while and leave, because it’s not like you talk to people while huge beats are thumping in your ear, so that doesn’t help. And there aren’t any “learn to DJ” classes around. (I’ve looked.)

Seattlers! Where do I go to dance to electronic music? Where do I go to learn to DJ, or mix or spin or do whatever they do when they’re like playing a gig? Other folks! Do you like electronic music? How did you get into it originally, then?

Also, on a side note, can you explain what the main subgenres are that I should look out for (and maybe a couple of quintessential examples of each so I can listen to them and see what I like)? Like, I dunno, “techno”, “house”, “drum and bass”, …? I do know I like Orbital, the Prodigy, Mylo, Crystal Castles, Prefuse 73, Boards of Canada, and Kraftwerk, if that helps. Oh, and Girl Talk.


Daniel -

This does not help you in your quest, and I do not know how accurate it is! It is kind of fun, though.

Dan -

I don’t care how accurate it is! I totally dig this. Anything with categories so nicely laid out and interconnected, with deep examples… I will probably spend months memorizing this as the True Way of Electronic Music. Thanks!

Julie -

You could also try creating a Pandora station with all the artists you said you liked already & see what else comes up that you like.

Melanie -

Says a girl you don’t know, who found your blog through Ram’s.

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