Chilling the &@*^$ out, again, again

I was thinking a bit. I think I’ve gotten a little too argumentative here on this blog and in life.
(not that I don’t enjoy your comments. Please, I love talking with friends/family/whoever about topics I like! But sometimes I find it’s adversarial, and that kind of wears on a person. Plus, sometimes I’m a jerk.)

Like the food thing. I want people to slow down their food more, to cook more, to eat more healthily, to buy local/sustainable/organic/humane/etc food, for a lot of reasons, but we can’t go from fast food to farmers' markets overnight. So I’ll stop looking down on your supermarket produce just because it’s not THE MOST l/s/o/h/etc. and think, awesome, you’re buying produce. (I will still look down on your big mac. :P)

And! You know New Years' resolutions? Here’s mine. It’s a month early. I resolve not to fret so much about Christmas presents. I will try to buy you something that is sustainable/unique/local/etc. AND non-commoditious, but I won’t freak out about it.

And same with you. If you feel the need to buy me something:
1. You don’t have to, really, obviously, but we’re all older than like 11 now so I know too that giving a gift is for the giver and the receiver, so:
2. Really, the best gift you can give me is an experience, and preferably with you, and especially if I don’t already hang out with you all the time. Heck, let’s go to dinner somewhere, (or let’s cook dinner!) or even just a caffeinated or fermented beverage (because it’s a nice excuse for a conversation).
3. You know I like things that are sustainable/not-big-corporations/unique/good-quality/etc., so if you want to get me a thing, I will most likely enjoy it more if it is one of those.
4. But all that said, whatever you get me, I will thank you and enjoy it, and I will NOT worry about how it’s just one more piece of plastic going to a landfill or whatever.

I’m not going to take all the fun out of Christmas presents by ponting endlessly in some philosophical realm about what is a “good” or a “bad” Christmas gift. That can wait until next year.

(oh, but I do have something to say about jewelry ads! Damn! Well, I’ll post about that, and THEN I’ll stop worrying about it.)

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