Dear Obama,

President Obama,
You should not smoke when you are president! There are simple reasons. Because you will die by smoking, and then you will not be president! But I want you to be.
Your No. 1 fan,
David Lopez, age 7
Los Angeles

Dear Obama,
I like you because you won. We saw you on TV. I hope I am your friend.
Edwin Martinez, age 6
Los Angeles

From Thanks and have fun running the country. To quote my friend Zach from high school, “Kid’s awesome!”

And speaking of awesome, I got to meet Mark Bittman! Mark Bittman! My #2 food hero! He was giving a talk at UW to promote his book Food Matters, and of course I bought a signed copy because he’s totally the man, and I couldn’t stick around afterwards but I ran into him on my way out. It was a total fan-boy moment. I absolutely did that thing-you-don’t-do-when-you-meet-a-famousman, you know, be like “oh you’re so great.” I think my words were something like “Mr. Bittman, thanks for everything you do, I love your column, and your philosophy, and… oh, and, uh, great talk, um, it was very good, and, uh…”

’s true though. In other unrelated news, my mind is going to spinning so fast it’s going to blend itself into a brain smoothie, and I’m a real jerk to everyone else and also myself. Have a good one!


Brian -

Mmmmm…brain smoothie.

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