If this isn't nice, what is?

I read a blog* earlier today** about this quote. Apparently it’s from Kurt Vonnegut, from Timequake, and of course like all Vonnegut books I enjoyed that one immensely and then instantly forgot all about it, so I had to read this post again to remember the quote. When I read it earlier today, I grumbled a little and went back to work***. Now I am agreeing with the line and in fact rather basking in it.

* this isn’t the blog I read it in. I forget which one it was. This one just came up first on google.
** I read a lot of blogs at work! I have a lot of reading time, because every time I want to compile, it takes about a minute. Plus, I use IntelliJ IDEA (which is one too many words for the name of a piece of software), which often just seizes control and “parses files” for a few minutes. This is very frustrating. Hey, any of you programmers, you must have experienced this minute-here-and-there downtime. Do you just read blogs too?
*** Not that work makes me grumble right now! On the contrary! I am at a point where I wish days could be longer even if it only meant the work day could stretch out longer. I mean, right now days are 24 hours and I work 8 of them; if days were 28 hours and I worked 12, that would be fab. I enjoy working; it’s sort of like Rubiks-cubing or knitting or whatever else you do that makes you content for long periods of time. I know work-life balance is important and all that, and I like to do a lot of other things, so I haven’t been working a whole lot more, but like I said, if I had more hours to work, I’d enjoy that.

Anyway, I am a coding wizard, I finished exactly the task I set out to complete (which I set out to do without knowing if it could be done or was worth it), I’m pretty content, and now it’s the weekend! And, more importantly, Sarah and Daniel are both arriving tomorrow! Ergo, thusly, quid pro quo, cafe au lait curriculum vitae: if this isn’t nice, what is?

Finally, if you have too many hours instead of too few, why don’t you waste a couple playing Space Pips? Thanks to Gerrit!

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