Not actually gone, just less political.

Hey! Welcome to 2009. Thanks for checking back in. Hope your holidays were as nice as mine.

Do you have New Year’s Resolutions? I don’t, because it’s like a cliche: people make them (and always the same ones. Auggh, I’m going to eat healthier and go to the gym. Auggh.) expecting them to fail. Then they get down on themselves and get convinced they’ll never amount to anything. No sir, I want no part of that futile endeavor. I’m already well enough convinced that I’ll never amount to anything.

I have a New Year’s Thing I’m Going To Do, though. Actually, I have many. I want to, among other things:
- be awesome at doing what it is that I do for a living
- do a big project outside of work, which I will not discuss now because, geez, spoiler alert
- maintain an active social life, because I have met some cool people here and I want to continue to hang out with them, get to know them better, and meet new people
- cook a lot
- improv at least once a week
- keep up with the musics

You’ll notice this takes a lot of time. So, one thing I do not have time for: politics! I’ve made a few somewhat-poorly researched posts just because something got my hackles up. Each of these has shaved a couple hours off my life, all told. And in the end, I’m not much better educated, and you aren’t either, you just know that “Dan thinks this about this.” In this world of bipartisan dickering and media pseudo-honesty, do we need one more voice shouting out real loud? No! So no more politics for me!

… unless it’s about food.

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