I just got shots to go to India. I got shots last year for yellow fever, tetanus, hepatitis A, and typhoid fever (actually a series of four pills you have to take every other day without food and keep refrigerated. hardcore!) before going to Ecuador. That left only the second hep A shot and then the polio shot for my upcoming trip to India. I’m now immune to hep A and polio! For life! This is neat! I never have to worry about them again! Add that to chickenpox and hepatitis B. I’m slowly becoming some kind of superman. This is great.

Oh yeah, did I mention I’m going to India in, oh, 3 weeks? Yeah. I’m going to visit Catie. And travel. This will be neat.


Anonymous -

India in 3 weeks?! that’s so cool. I forgot I guess you were going so soon. Take lots of pix!

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