Other things that made me happy over the last couple days

Don’t worry, this won’t become a habit. The last thing I’d want to be is cloying. But shut up, I have liked the following things:

Dinner last night at Quinn’s. I mean, a fancy restaurant, right? (but still in the “very good beer” category, not the “wine” category, and naturally pretty hip- welcome to capitol hill.) It was great. And I kept going “hey, I am actually enjoying this.” That was easy.

Shopping at the Pike Place Market today. This is consistently a thing that makes me happy. As such, I have built it into my routine.

Exploring the U district today. Wandering into a shop that sold gargoyles.

Fixing my bike fender with duct tape (because it’s absolutely a job for duct tape, and that is the high point of my mechanical skills)

Going to St. Mark’s Cathedral to listen to their men’s choir. It was sort of chantey and sort of hymney, and filled with young people! How interesting.

Deciding to buy a gray pinstripe (or plain blue) suit, a brown overcoat, and converse all-stars; the nerdier among you may know why, and the rest of you don’t get to learn exactly how nerdy I am.

My bed! Now taking up a lot less room. It’s like I gained a bunch of square feet! PS. don’t tell my mom and dad I have a mattress on the floor now. they think that I would do such a thing to save money and that I shouldn’t because it’s depressing. but the truth is, it’s not to save money; I had a bed frame and it just took up a lot of space, and I really like the way it is now.

Worrying still (for example, I didn’t cook at all this weekend! oh noes! my mad sauteing skills are atrophying as we speak!), but a little less. Hey, it’s a process.

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