Umm... other good things?

Spurred on by encouraging friends, here are some more things that are good:

Truckasaurus. (warning: myspace burns your eyes and is loud) If you can deal with the occasional Gameboy, you might like this. Try “Ain’t No Danbo Copy Remix”.

Owls. (warning: this is the creepiest thing on the internet.) But I actually find it kind of cute. And creepy.

Biking? Sorry to be a broken record here. Sometimes I don’t enjoy biking and it’s just transportation and a trip to the gym like everyone else grumbles and does, but sometimes it’s quite nice. Today was the latter.

Seaweed and fancy mushrooms and brown rice. Cooking for people who don’t mind if you take a long time.

Oh! I know. My job. It’s great! Even when you spend all day fixing a bug that’s not really a bug because it works on every browser except yours. It’s just “make a cool thing” for a living.

Why God Won’t Go Away
. Have I talked about this book yet? It’s super good. I don’t want to get all into it now, but the thing I got out of it is: nirvana/ecstasy/moksha/whatever is actually an observable mental state, and people can get there.

This is all sort of working. I can kind of deal with the fact that life is pretty good. That’s an improvement. And I can deal with the fact that I’m already good enough for anything or anyone, and that I don’t have to do anything else amazing to prove myself.

And, speaking of good things, I’m coming to Pittsburgh the week of May 11-17. If you are reading this, I probably really want to see you. Will you be around?


Cheryl -

A couples things:
The owls thing wasss creepy haha. I like the one on the left that gulps down a rodent… uhhh

Also, that book looks interesting. Please let me know if there’s anything else you think I should read. I want to read more. Hooray! haha

Hmm and I enjoy going to the gym. I’m glad you like biking. The gym is my biking. It lets me escape. :)

Love you. Have a great week.

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